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Megan's Bioderma Top Picks

Megan our Pharmacy Technician has a passion for Bioderma! She is fully trained on the brand's ethos and how each product works for every skin type.

"Hi all, so I do love Bioderma and with good reason! It was the only brand that actually sorted my problematic skin out after spending lots on all types of skincare! We get questions into the pharmacy every day from people about their skincare issues so today I thought I would address some of these and talk about my skincare fav Bioderma at the same time!

Oily skin

Sebium Gel Moussant Facial Cleanser for Combination/oily Skin

This soap free cleanser is a must have for those with acne prone skin! It limits the sebium (oil) secretion to keep those stubbonr pores from becoming clogged (which leads to blackheads and then spots!) and as a result clearing up the skin. Apply on damp skin, lather then rinse thouroughly!

Rosacea Prone Skin

Sensibio Forte.

This daily moisturiser is ideal for reddened sensitive skin, especially those who suffer from Rosacea. Its combination of soothing, active ingredients quickly relieve over sensitive skin of any signs of redness and irritation. An absolute lifesaver for damages skin caused by shaving, laser treatments or peels!

Normal to Dry Skin

Hydrabio Serum

My Ultimate Favourite!! Ideal for normall to dry skin. Providing an immediate boost of hydration with each application. This refreshing serum will retore your skin's natural radiant appearance and its light smoothing texture makes for a flawless makeup base.

If you have any questions about any of the Bioderma Range please don't hesitate to leave a comment on our Facebook page, send a DM, email or call into us at Golden's Pharmacy, Bridge St. Wesport Co. Mayo!"

Thanks for Reading, Megan xx



Head Lice, How to Prevent & Kill & Treat.

Kids get lice because they are in close contact with each other. Head lice infestations are so common at preschools and primary schools because kids are more likely to have head-to-head contact when they play together.

A couple things that usually don't spread lice: contact with scarves, hats, and other clothing, and using the hair brush or comb of someone who's infected.

What to look out for:

Lice can be found as eggs (nit) or adult (lice)

Nits are very hard to spot, but can be seen with the naked eye if you know what you are looking for. Nits are oval-shaped and about the size of a sesame seed, if you haven’t seen them before you may mistake them for dandruff, scabs or dried hair product. They attach themselves to the base of the hair shaft. They tend to blend in with your hair colour as a survival mechanism. Even Better! *eye roll*

How do you know they have them?

Well realistically you should be checking weekly even if you don’t notice the tell-tale signs. If your child starts scratching her head, complaining of an itchy scalp that keeps her awake at night, or saying her head tickles, then she might have a case of lice.

The Fact is your kids having Lice is frustrating but it is not something to be embarrassed about! Most kids will have them as its natural for kids to sit closely in class or in the playground. If you do spot an infestation, contact your kid’s teacher as they might want to send a head lice notice around.  


You can use a weekly Preventative Treatment like a spray or shampoo. Tea Tree oil added to your usual shampoo can deter the lice as they don’t like the scent, you may need to do a patch test on the nape of the neck to ensure no reaction to the oil.

There are also Tea Tree based Shampoos and Conditioners which is a more natural form of preventing an infestation.


Comb the hair weekly to check for eggs, use a nit comb that has specially made teeth to get right into the scalp and lift the eggs.


If you do happen to have an infestation, cover the child’s shoulders with a towel and get your comb. Comb through (use conditioner to help glide through long/knotty hair) and remove all traces of eggs and lice on the head. Do this over the bath to contain the infestation. Then go in with a treatment, these are usually left in for a few hours or overnight. When they time is up wash out and check that you got all the infestation.

The Key to avoiding a re-infestation is to check the head 6/7 days after treating by thoroughly combing through, sometimes very small eggs may have been missed and have since hatched.

You may worry about asthma and Treatment, most headlice products now have a pleasant smell and that strong odour is no longer in them. To be sure check with your pharmacist, especially if the child has broken skin or any skin conditions.






Payday Skincare

As the colder weather is quickly approaching (boo!) things change with it. We move from short sleeves to wooley knits, sandals to boots, shorts to school uniforms we must remember to look after our skin along with the changing season. 

As young people are beginning a new year, brand new regimes and clean slates so should we with our skin!

First Let's Figure out Your Skin Type

Oily Skin:

Some say this type of skin is fortunate as it shows the signs of aging later than the others. If you have oily skin, you may be prone to problems like blemishes, enlarged pores and congested skin, particularly around the forehead, nose and chin. Your skin may have a shiny appearance and visible pores.

How to treat, look for products that will cleanse your skin effectively, but not strip it of moisture. Oily skin can become dehydrated-looking if your cleansing routine is too harsh. If you’re prone to congestion and blocked pores, gentle exfoliation is important. Use a light-textured moisturiser that absorbs easily.


This skin type consisting of oily patches and normal/dry patches is very common especially with our Irish climate. Usually, the oily skin is concentrated around the nose, chin and forehead, while the cheeks tend to be drier, although this varies from person to person.

How to treat this type, the best approach for many is to use assorted products on various parts of the skin. You might choose a hydrating masque but concentrate the application on your cheeks, or use a gentle exfoliating scrub only around the nose and chin. If you’re prone to blemishes, look for a targeted product that you can apply to the specific area.

Sensitive Skin:

Any type of skin can be sensitive at times. The signs of skin sensitivity vary from person to person, but if your skin is sensitive you may find it reacts poorly to certain makeup and skincare products. It might also change when the weather gets warmer or colder, and need various kinds of care at different times. Sensitive skin also tends to be prone to redness. Always look for products that are formulated for sensitive skin. It’s also good if they are hypoallergenic. Notice how your skin reacts to different products and the environment where you live and work. This can help you adjust your routine or avoid any triggers. Look for products that have a soothing effect on the skin to help calm any discomfort. 

Our Top Picks

It’s the go-to face wash for all skin types. Whether you’re slightly dry, on the oily side, or normal, a Cleansing Gel is just what you need to help refresh and brighten skin.

Cleansing Gels usually contain fruit extract to help exfoliate and brighten the skin and help rid the skin of dulling dead skin cells and pore-clogging oil—leaving your complexion feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world (or, your first day of school).

Gel Cleansers 






People can get confused by the sheer amount of products you need to include in their nightly routine, how much is too much? Effective skincare is very much trial and error and what suits you one season may not suit you the next. 






Adding Oils and Masks to your regime can help with instant hydration and repair. Skin Republic Masks are the perfect quick Sheet Mask for when you are chilling out. Oils like the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is like a big drink for your thirsty Skin. An overnight Mask is perfect for those who need that extra nourishment LANCOME ÉNERGIE DE VIE NUIT 75M is a sleeping mask that works hard when you're not!

If you have any more questions about what skincare regime you should be using contact us on 09828011, Email, Facebook or Call in and ask any of our Beauty Team! We are based in the heart of Westport (Bridge St.) whether you are a local or a lucky visitor to our Beautiful Town, call in and have a chat!

* Important to note, we all should use an SPF of at least 50 every day before we go outside even on the dullest day of the year, the sun gives out harmful rays that cause irreversible damage.